Tomesia Brumbaugh – U.S.A

This is my second time back to Brazil and the English Camp. It was good to see the camp and the familar faces, but no mater how many times i come back to brazil, it feel still so new to me. Although the nights were still REALLY cold, and the afernoons were full of projects, it still felt like a new experience. The food was just as i remembered, and the weather was just as i remembered it, WET! hahahaha. But flying to the Brazil, knowing i am going to help so many people, and have fun doing it , the feeling is amazing. The leaders this season were so funny, and even funnier to watch them try to keep everyone in line. There was so many joyous and excited kids, the leaders had to become kids to keep up. lol. But when it came down to it, we all had fun and even a few of us got to be leaders for a day, witch is harder than one would think it is.The projects are done 2 times a day. The objection of projects is to get the camper to use their english in a way they will remember it, but a mimerization trick, or by a picture they drew. I made most of my Englsih Camp memories from projects. This year it was right after Micheal Jackson’s death, and so he was used quite often in our projects, we even learned the “Thriller”. The food, like i said, is verry rememberable. It is worth all trying, just to get a taste of the country. When i came back to brazil i had a verry Verry VERRY small portugues vocabulary, but when i left, i did know how to say “chicken roll” in portugues, and somehow it became my nickname at the camp……it is….. COXINHA. Everytime i come to brazil the campers are about 93% different. There are a few familiar faces, but not many. And with a varitey of kids, comes a variety of things the kids like. For example, on week one every wanted to play sports all day long, and week two, was full of CRAZY dancers, and week three we had the best galla dinner you could imagine. The dorms are roomy, but cold (bring warm and cozy pajamas), the food is amazing, and the people are even better! There are great games every afternoon, and when you are in projects, it gives you a chance to teach others to improve their english in a fun way. The flight to get to brazil may be long, but it is worth it in the end. These three weeks have been the best in a long time. I wanted to stay in this beautiful country even long. I have one peice of advice i give to anyone comming to brazil, and i tell it to myself when i am walking into the camp. “have fun, make memories, and just try not to cry when you have to leave.”

Tudo isso pertinho de São Paulo! Apenas a 150 km da capital

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