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It’s very cool to be a leader because you have the chance to make good friends and make memories that will last forever. Since we speak English all the time, it becomes even more interesting. It feels like being in another country!”“Life is lived fowards and understood backwards
These words were written by Megadeath (As I learned from a really cool leader) I believe in them, since today I can firmly say that English Camp changed me into a better person. That place is seriously magical… From the plates in the cafeteria to the bunks in the bedrooms, everything there has an air that can only remind you of home, as a foreigner I only just realized that I never felt out of place, I never felt lonely or stressed, even though we “worked” (If you can call what we did all day so) so much, but seriously, the EC made me grow in so many different levels, first of all it made me adapt to change since every week I had a new set of people coming in, I had a new set of complete strangers, but there was something all of them had in common, they were all warm, open people ready to get to know me, and have fun with me, to this day and probably till the day I die I still feel like I belong there…My classmates keep making fun of me since I happen to find an connection to Brazil/EC in pretty much everything, from politics to sports, I can only explain this by saying that all of the beautiful people I met there from campers, through leaders all the way to Regis and the women in the cafeteria left a mark very deep inside my heart and I think that it keeps making short cuts with my brain so I can’t really get them out of my head either. If I had to name one favourite moment I would probably go nuts trying to take my pick, instead I think my most favourite thing about English Camp was definetly the people, I guess they are the ones that give the magic to the place. The leaders are all freaks, but hey that’s a good thing! It takes freaks to change the world, and I wouldn’t mind if any if them took it over any given day of the week, I’m sure they would make it a better place, besides there is no such thing as being scared of yourself there, you can dance, you can scream, you can do anything, and seriously I guess that’s one of the most valuable lessons you can give to someone: Be yourself and do it on purpouse, because it’s fun!!!And well what is camp without the campers? All those amazing kids that gave me the chance to get to know them and play with them, it’s so cool to see them learning without even knowing it, it’s impressive how they pour their hearts into anything they really want, and how they open it to you. There’s only one sad thing about all this, how close you can grow to people in so little time, I remember crying with the campers at the end of each season, I can tell you nothing compares to when it hits you that the place you call home is nine hours away from all the great friends you just met… Well I guess I’m getting sentimental, I just wanna say, don’t forget me cause I’ll never forget you since I walked out of Brazil not with many new friends but with a whole new family, and for anyone else who ever reads this and has no idea what I’m talking about, just go to the EC, no words can explain what you experience there, I guess you’ll have to live it yourself…. EC people: Until I die or move you have a place you can call home in Mexico. Thank you!

Tudo isso pertinho de São Paulo! Apenas a 150 km da capital

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