Aline das Graças Monteiro

Nos dias 15, 16 e 17 de maio de 2016, eu e a professora Larissa Brum levamos um grupo de alunos formandos do curso de Inglês do Centro de Línguas do IFFluminense - Campus Centro para participarem do curso de imersão no English Camp e vivenciamos uma experiência incrível e inesquecível.

O English Camp tem uma estrutura física excelente, oferecendo além de um ambiente agradável para a prática de atividades de forma lúdica e interessante, o contato com a natureza. É possível perceber que tudo é pensado para que os participantes do curso possam, além de praticar a língua inglesa em tempo integral, refletir sobre a importância de uma vida mais saudável e sustentável.

Toda equipe é muito atenciosa, preparada e comprometida em proporcionar aos visitantes situações autênticas de aprendizagem, valorizando as individualidades, incentivando o trabalho em grupo e a cooperação mútua.

Após três dias de acompanhento, foi possível notar que os alunos estavam mais seguros em relação ao uso da língua inglesa, comunicando-se no idioma estrangeiro de forma mais espontânea e eficaz, abandonando, em muitas situações, a língua nativa.

Parabéns a toda equipe do English Camp por desenvolver um trabalho de excelência.

- Aline das Graças Monteiro Miranda Barros - Professora de Inglês do Centro de Línguas do IFFluminense - Campus Centro

Depoimento - Teens

Depoimento - Teens

Depoimento - Teens

Depoimento - Teens

Depoimento - Teens


Eu amei!!!!!!

Foi um grande presente de mim pra mim mesma!!!Meu nível de inglês é intermediário e conforme praticamos o tempo todo, agora me sinto muito mais confiante para conversar e aprendi várias palavras e expressões novas! Com certeza voltarei e já estou indicando para todos os meus amigos! Beijos Luma


English Camp was the best experience in English that I had. I learned English in an open space and it was perfect!


I am really happy with my development, because I had many tips to improve my pronunciation and my fluency. It was an interesting experience because I could practice my English, know more people with the same objective, think in English and feel more confident.

Maggie – U.S.A

“My stay at English Camp was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was I able to share my culture with the campers and staff, but I also learned a lot about different cultures in return. The staff at the camp were all so friendly, I found it easy to make friends. The facilities at English Camp are exceptional, and the food is delicious. The activities were so much fun. Overall my experience at English Camp was amazing. I hope that I will be able to return next year.

Chio – Mexico

It’s very cool to be a leader because you have the chance to make good friends and make memories that will last forever. Since we speak English all the time, it becomes even more interesting. It feels like being in another country!”“Life is lived fowards and understood backwards These words were written by Megadeath (As I learned from a really cool leader) I believe in them, since today I can firmly say that English Camp changed me into a better person. That place is seriously magical… From the plates in the cafeteria to the bunks in the bedrooms, everything there has an air that can only remind you of home, as a foreigner I only just realized that I never felt out of place, I never felt lonely or stressed, even though we “worked” (If you can call what we did all day so) so much, but seriously, the EC made me grow in so many different levels, first of all it made me adapt to change since every week I had a new set of people coming in, I had a new set of complete strangers, but there was something all of them had in common, they were all warm, open people ready to get to know me, and have fun with me, to this day and probably till the day I die I still feel like I belong there…My classmates keep making fun of me since I happen to find an connection to Brazil/EC in pretty much everything, from politics to sports, I can only explain this by saying that all of the beautiful people I met there from campers, through leaders all the way to Regis and the women in the cafeteria left a mark very deep inside my heart and I think that it keeps making short cuts with my brain so I can’t really get them out of my head either. If I had to name one favourite moment I would probably go nuts trying to take my pick, instead I think my most favourite thing about English Camp was definetly the people, I guess they are the ones that give the magic to the place. The leaders are all freaks, but hey that’s a good thing! It takes freaks to change the world, and I wouldn’t mind if any if them took it over any given day of the week, I’m sure they would make it a better place, besides there is no such thing as being scared of yourself there, you can dance, you can scream, you can do anything, and seriously I guess that’s one of the most valuable lessons you can give to someone: Be yourself and do it on purpouse, because it’s fun!!!And well what is camp without the campers? All those amazing kids that gave me the chance to get to know them and play with them, it’s so cool to see them learning without even knowing it, it’s impressive how they pour their hearts into anything they really want, and how they open it to you. There’s only one sad thing about all this, how close you can grow to people in so little time, I remember crying with the campers at the end of each season, I can tell you nothing compares to when it hits you that the place you call home is nine hours away from all the great friends you just met… Well I guess I’m getting sentimental, I just wanna say, don’t forget me cause I’ll never forget you since I walked out of Brazil not with many new friends but with a whole new family, and for anyone else who ever reads this and has no idea what I’m talking about, just go to the EC, no words can explain what you experience there, I guess you’ll have to live it yourself…. EC people: Until I die or move you have a place you can call home in Mexico. Thank you!

Daniel Goldstuck – South Africa

The word that cames to mind when I think “English Camp” is “awesome”. In truth it was lots of work, but that was far overweighed by the amount of fun we had, as leaders amongst ourselves as well as working with and spending time with the campers. At every stage there was something new to experience; I started halfway through a season and the hospitality and warmth of the staff made getting ready really easy and of course great fun. Being a trainee had its works but it was a great learning experience too, learning the intricacies of running a camp as well as how all the little pieces mash together to make up a camp, from free sports to Jinkanas to Projects. I found these projects a creative way of interacting with the kids and young teens, and the campers themselves were great to work with from the vet campers to the wonderful energy at working with the younger campers bringing out my “inner child”.…the leaders definately throw in an exciting element into the mix, with all their different stories and their funky humour, working with a group of people has never been so much fun. I loved the vibe at the camp, everything about the place contributed to my experience there, from the responsibility and the professionalism to the great times among both the leaders and the campers. And taken as a whole, the camp was a wonderful learning experience which I throughly enjoyed. And by the way, the food was awesome!!

Christine Plaza – U.S.A

Volunteering at the English Camp in Brazil was so much fun.It was a challenging yet a rewarding experience for me. I came with no great expectations but to my surprise I was blown away by the beauty and positive energy flowing throughout the camp. I loved working with the kids and was amazed with their creativity, willingness to learn the English language and their curiosity about the American Culture. There was never a dull moment at the camp and the challenge came in physically keeping up with the kids. Nonetheless, I enjoyed interacting and getting to know each and every kid. Being around them brought me back to my carefree youthful days.I also got the opportunity to make good friends among the other leaders who were all so hospitable and welcoming. They were such great help when it came to showing us around the city as well. Coming to the English Camp was a great way to be introduced to the Brazilian Culture, not to mention a great way to taste various delicious Brazilian dishes. Overall, my whole experience at the camp and Brazil was priceless and unforgettable.

Dayna Yonamine – U.S.A

The experience of volunteering at the English Camp in Brazil is something that is hard to put in words. Before arriving, I was very nervous about going to a country in which I knew very little about. I was relieved, however, when upon my arrival I was treated like family. Everyone I met was so friendly and genuinely interested in my well being. The atmosphere of the English Camp was so fun and energetic. The staff was very warm and hospitable, the kids were great and the food was delicious. Although I was only able to stay for less than a month, I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and cherish all the friendships that I was able to make along the way.

Katrina Leland – U.S.A

I love this place. It is the place to be as a camper or leader. Everyday has something new and fun. You meet new people, get to wake up to a beautiful scenary every morning, and enjoy there awesome food. Dances, games and so much more. It was the best learning experience, and vacation fun I’ve ever had. Everyone should have a chance to come here. I will never forget this. I love you all!

John Scott Martin – U.S.A.

English Camp was a great experience. I really felt like I was helping the Brazilian kids by teaching and correcting their English. I met many new people, Taka, Rocky and Katrina were the coolest leaders. Digo was the coolest coord and having another american was very good. Sam was very cool and fun to talk to. I had a great time.

Tomesia Brumbaugh – U.S.A

I think English Camp is a great Camp for Portuguese children to come and learn English. There are many things to do so you are never bored! English Camp is a great place to meet many awesome people. All of the leaders are nice and helpful. The food is safe and good to eat. The group projects are fun and entertaining. English Camp is great!” “This Camp is amazing. I will always remember it for the rest of my life. Brazil is a beautiful place with great people and the country side is awesome! There is one thing I will never forget to bring to the Camp is warm pijamas during the winter only. The games are so much fun to play. The leaders are sometimes a little bit crazy, or so you might think so, but they are just doing their job. The campers are so much fun to talk to. I have even learned Portuguese… to rap it all up when you come, try not to cry when you have to leave.

Samantha Lee Saxe – U.S.A.

My experience at English Camp has been unforgettable. I lived at the Camp for four weeks and was able to meet many new people. I have been able to form long-lasting friendships with many campers, leaders and the staff. The food was awesome, and the sports activities were great. I feel that by attending this camp I have helped the campers improve their English. While I have been able to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Brazil

Tomesia Brumbaugh – U.S.A

This is my second time back to Brazil and the English Camp. It was good to see the camp and the familar faces, but no mater how many times i come back to brazil, it feel still so new to me. Although the nights were still REALLY cold, and the afernoons were full of projects, it still felt like a new experience. The food was just as i remembered, and the weather was just as i remembered it, WET! hahahaha. But flying to the Brazil, knowing i am going to help so many people, and have fun doing it , the feeling is amazing. The leaders this season were so funny, and even funnier to watch them try to keep everyone in line. There was so many joyous and excited kids, the leaders had to become kids to keep up. lol. But when it came down to it, we all had fun and even a few of us got to be leaders for a day, witch is harder than one would think it is.The projects are done 2 times a day. The objection of projects is to get the camper to use their english in a way they will remember it, but a mimerization trick, or by a picture they drew. I made most of my Englsih Camp memories from projects. This year it was right after Micheal Jackson’s death, and so he was used quite often in our projects, we even learned the “Thriller”. The food, like i said, is verry rememberable. It is worth all trying, just to get a taste of the country. When i came back to brazil i had a verry Verry VERRY small portugues vocabulary, but when i left, i did know how to say “chicken roll” in portugues, and somehow it became my nickname at the camp……it is….. COXINHA. Everytime i come to brazil the campers are about 93% different. There are a few familiar faces, but not many. And with a varitey of kids, comes a variety of things the kids like. For example, on week one every wanted to play sports all day long, and week two, was full of CRAZY dancers, and week three we had the best galla dinner you could imagine. The dorms are roomy, but cold (bring warm and cozy pajamas), the food is amazing, and the people are even better! There are great games every afternoon, and when you are in projects, it gives you a chance to teach others to improve their english in a fun way. The flight to get to brazil may be long, but it is worth it in the end. These three weeks have been the best in a long time. I wanted to stay in this beautiful country even long. I have one peice of advice i give to anyone comming to brazil, and i tell it to myself when i am walking into the camp. “have fun, make memories, and just try not to cry when you have to leave.”

Austin Reno – U.S.A

English Camp 2012 is a place and a moment that I will never forget. It has shaped the way my past 3 years have played out. English Camp and Brazil was my first experience abroad. I had no idea what flying internationally was like, what do when I arrived, I spoke no Portuguese, and I certainly didn’t know what impact English Camp or Brazil would leave on me when I returned to the United States. In short, going to English Camp and being a volunteer international counselor allowed me to enter into the greatest friendships of my life. I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow leader, Luis Paulo Silva, who became one of the greatest friends of my life. I have since spent six months with him when I studied abroad in São Paulo. If I were never at English Camp, I would have never met LP and thus never had a solid group of Brazilian friends when I decided to study abroad for a semester in 2014. Second, I was introduced to Francine Pizzo who is a representation of how all girls around the world should act and carry themselves. To me, she is a person to take example from. Two other friends that I met at English Camp were Hugo Friere and Victor Berezutchi. Both of these guys have a joy for life and are genuine people who care about friendship. Fortunately for me, all of these friends that I met at English Camp were ones that were a large part of my study abroad experience; friends that I couldn’t have done without. And moreover, they are friends that are still close to my heart and ones that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. So, what all of this means is that English Camp is a place where you can make an impact on Brazilian kids’ lives and immerse them in American culture, but its also a place that you never forget. Whatever that reason is, English Camp is a place that begins a life of adventure, both for the campers and the leaders. I remember arriving to the office and chatting with Silvia before I left for camp. Then arriving to Sandra’s open arms. Lastly, coming full circle, by being introduced to Solange Pizzo. These three ladies love what they do and it shows in their passion to bring kids into the English Camp immersed adventure. The idea of English Camp is to create a spark in people that allow them to continue the adventure of life. That’s exactly what English Camp did for me. It taught me what my true passions were and allowed me to meet some of the best friends of my life. So for that, thank you English Camp. Muito obrigado e um grande abraço!


A experiência no English Camp foi simplesmente surreal - uma semana para nunca esquecer. Espaço incrível, atividades sensacionais e sobre os leaders não tem nem o que falar né haha saudades. No Immersion, pude me aprofundar de maneira plena na língua inglesa, aprendendo com projetos que discutiam temas pertinentes ou tinha um ênfase cultural (destaco o dia do RPG e quando falamos sobre viagem no tempo hehe). A evolução que eu tive no acampamento em relação ao idioma foi gigante, a ponto de hoje eu considerar que falo quase fluente. Consegui mergulhar de cabeça no idioma, cheguei até a sonhar em inglês; foram sem dúvidas alguns dos melhores dias da minha vida e só tenho a agradecer ao acampamento e seus organizadores pelos tempos maravilhosos!! Thank you for all. Cheers

Inara Vargas

A imersão executiva no English Camp auxilia muito o profissional que precisa melhorar suas apresentações em inglês. De uma forma séria e divertida ao mesmo tempo , conseguimos aumentar nossas competências relacionadas a comunicação no idioma. Trabalho em uma empresa Americana e as reuniões em inglês são constantes.. O fato de fazer a imersão me deu mais segurança e desenvoltura necessários para atuar nas demandas do dia a dia. Muitas pessoas saem do país para fazer uma imersão sem necessidade por desconhecer que podemos fazer isto aqui e de forma bastante efetiva!

José Ricardo Favoretto

Minha experiência no English Camp foi fantástica. A agenda de trabalho desenvolvida no Camp é extremamente eficiente, em poucas horas a chave do nosso cérebro é virada e passamos a pensar essencialmente em inglês. Sinceramente, nem em longas viagens pelos Estados Unidos a imersão é tão significativa. Para quem deseja fazer uma imersão, esse é o lugar! O nível dos professores é sensacional, a Diretora, Professora Sandra é maravilhosa, as instalações belíssimas, as refeições deliciosas, ou seja, a relação custo/benefício é excelente. A experiência é tão significativa que, quando deixamos o Camp, você não quer mais falar em português!

Marcelo Torrente Silva

Buscávamos um local para praticarmos fluência em inglês, e acabamos descobrindo, no interior de São Paulo, um local que supriu todas nossas expectativas. Na modalidade programa de família, existe a oportunidade de pais e filhos, através de diferentes atividades, aprimorarem sua conversação, interagirem com novas pessoas e praticarem a língua estrangeira. O local é acolhedor, muito organizado, com uma sistemática de trabalho elaborada e criativa. Repetiria a experiência e indico a quem tem o propósito de "desenferrujar" ou aprimorar seu inglês.

Maria Emília

Chama a atenção a organização e o respeito pelos horários, em nenhum momento ocorreram atrasos nas atividades. A maneira como o trabalho foi desenvolvido proporcionou uma boa integração entre todos os participantes e proporcionou um ganho no vocabulário devido à presença de profissionais de diversas áreas.

Braulio Neto

To me it was an amazing experience. I though in English. I was walking with my leader and having a conversation and suddenly I was speaking without thinking in Portuguese first.

Letícia Lourenço

Se você precisa melhorar seu Inglês ou ir para um lugar diferente, vá ao English Camp. Eu posso dizer que é um ótimo lugar, eu nunca pensei que iria para um lugar como esse, falar Inglês no fim de semana todo é uma grande experiência.

Aqui no English Camp eu aprendi muitas coisas, o mais legal é que você começa a falar em Inglês e não consegue parar, você acaba até sonhando em Inglês, é muito engraçado. Eu quero agradecer a todos do English Camp, foi realmente uma grande experiência para mim e vou lembrar desse fim de semana para sempre.

Vicente Frederico Berna

Esta é a minha 4ª ou 5ª participação no programa de imersão do English Camp. Se voltei tantas vezes é porque funciona muito bem. O Resultado é certo, sem dúvida. Como executivo em uma grande multinacional Suíça, falar Inglês é imperativo. Hoje me sinto muito mais confortável para enfrentar meus desafios trabalhando junto com nativos da língua Inglesa. A metodologia, a equipe e o lugar são perfeitos para garantir o retorno do investimento, bem como, garantem a participação nos próximos eventos.

João Mário Filho

Podem acreditar, a metodologia é ótima, o foco é realmente no aprendizado do Inglês. Não tenha receio. Fiz por 3 dias e realmente eu senti uma enorme melhora.

Álvaro Darous

Since I arrived there I had an excellent reception by their team. The meals are fantastic and the place is comfortable. You really speak, write and listen to English a lot. Thanks.


In English Camp I could think in English, really! During the nights, my dreams were in English too! During 5 days I had a natural life in English, talking, eating, walking and knowing different people. With each person I learnt something different and it was very special to me. Now I know my real English level and I feel more confortable to talk and to learn too. To me it was a good investment to my career and to my life. Thanks!

Tatiana Tiemi

Quando eu me matriculei no English Camp, eu imaginei que eu iria ficar 5 dias dentro de uma sala de aula, tendo aulas como normalmente nós temos nas escolas de Inglês, eu estava totalmente enganada, a metodologia aplicada é muito vivencial e interativa, o que faz você falar Inglês 24 horas por dia naturalmente. Sem contar a diversão e carinho que toda a equipe tem com os alunos. É uma experiência que realmente vale a pena.

Jonas Lima

O aprendizado intenso no English Camp foi uma experiência singular, única e impressionante, mudou o meu conceito sobre o Inglês. Sou grato por tudo.

Luis Aparecido Bonassoli

The course was very good because the place is beautiful, the method is good and the teachers were very qualified and helpful.

Tatiana Tiemi

Quando eu me matriculei no English Camp, eu imaginei que eu iria ficar 5 dias dentro de uma sala de aula, tendo aulas como normalmente nós temos nas escolas de Inglês, eu estava totalmente enganada, a metodologia aplicada é muito vivencial e interativa, o que faz você falar Inglês 24 horas por dia naturalmente. Sem contar a diversão e carinho que toda a equipe tem com os alunos. É uma experiência que realmente vale a pena.

Tatiana Tiemi

Quando eu me matriculei no English Camp, eu imaginei que eu iria ficar 5 dias dentro de uma sala de aula, tendo aulas como normalmente nós temos nas escolas de Inglês, eu estava totalmente enganada, a metodologia aplicada é muito vivencial e interativa, o que faz você falar Inglês 24 horas por dia naturalmente. Sem contar a diversão e carinho que toda a equipe tem com os alunos. É uma experiência que realmente vale a pena.

Tatiana Tiemi

Quando eu me matriculei no English Camp, eu imaginei que eu iria ficar 5 dias dentro de uma sala de aula, tendo aulas como normalmente nós temos nas escolas de Inglês, eu estava totalmente enganada, a metodologia aplicada é muito vivencial e interativa, o que faz você falar Inglês 24 horas por dia naturalmente. Sem contar a diversão e carinho que toda a equipe tem com os alunos. É uma experiência que realmente vale a pena.


Marta Giannichi

I started at the English Camp 4 years ago and it’s been a great experience. Every time that I go there I learn something about myself and about people. It’s a place where I can take a break from reality, practice my English, grow personally and professionally.

Jonathan Macedo

Well, my name is Jonathan, but people at English Camp call me John, I'm 24 years old and I have been a camp counselor at EC since 2009! I have had GREAT experiences at EC and I can definitely say that being a camp counselor at English Camp has changed my life in several aspects. At the camp I was able to become a better leader, manager and person. Through all these years I had opportunities to coordinate several summer and winter seasons and weekend camps. And those events made me grow as a professional due to everything that it takes for them to happen. If you're considering applying for a counseling position at EC, just do it! I'm sure you'll experience the best and funniest moments of all your life.


O Camp pra mim, é o lugar pra ficar perto das coisas que eu mais gosto na vida. Natureza, pessoas, animais, boa comida, linda paisagem, e especialmente o Fred ( o cão - lorde bilíngue que nos acompanha nas caminhadas ) que é sempre amigo e receptivo, que conquista até os que não gostam de cães! Além disso tudo, aprendo com meus colegas, clientes e a Sandra. O ambiente é propício para o aprendizado, por estarmos sempre fazendo o melhor para que cada um evolua mais, dividindo nossos conhecimentos e experiências; pois por mais conhecimento que se tenha, sempre se pode aprender mais. Ser monitor no Camp é fascinante! Eu sinto que eu posso ajudar as pessoas a chegarem mais perto dos seus objetivos e isso é incrível. Poder acompanhar e ver o desenvolver dos alunos, é como ver o filho dar os primeiros passos por si mesmo. Isso me enche de orgulho e satisfação! Sou eternamente grato ao camp, pois eu não seria o profissional que sou hoje, sem ele. Aprendi muito! Como pessoa e como professor. Sinceramente, Johnny

Mariana Zonta d’Ávila

O English Camp chegou a mim de uma forma curiosa. Em 2014, voltei do intercâmbio de um ano nos Estados Unidos e assim que soube da oportunidade de ir para um lugar em que eu pudesse me divertir, continuar falando inglês e “fingir” que eu não estava de volta ao Brasil, topei na hora. Depois de tanto tempo longe de casa, fiquei duas semanas em São Paulo e fui para o English Camp, onde fiquei por um mês como monitora. A experiência foi maravilhosa. Conheci diversas pessoas de São Paulo, Itapetininga e do Brasil inteiro, entre campers, clients e leaders. Pude praticar o meu inglês, desenvolver habilidades de liderança, que nem sabia que existiam, assim como, aumentar o meu networking. Desde então, há três anos, sempre que consigo uma brecha na faculdade e no trabalho, busco escapar para Itapetininga, lugar que realmente considero como o meu refúgio, uma forma de fugir da cidade, do stress e da rotina. Além disso, é uma forma de pelo menos por um pouco, eu me imaginar na experiência do intercâmbio. Costumo dizer que o Kids Camp e a Immersion são dois tipos completamente díspares de acampamento, não só para os clientes como também para os leaders. O primeiro é puxado, um trabalho de praticamente 24h, mas que vale a pena, principalmente pela amizade que você cria com as crianças. É algo que cansa fisicamente, mas que tira todo o stress da sua mente. Por outro lado, a immersion, é algo mais tranquilo no que diz respeito ao físico, formado por projects e apresentações e, assim como o kids, muuuita comida (são cinco refeições ao dia). Porém, é um estilo mais focado no aluno e mais cansativo mentalmente. Ao mesmo tempo, é uma ótima oportunidade para aprofundar o inglês especializado e ‘business’, aprender sobre temas diversos com mais vocabulário e expandir o networking.

Willian Shiang

I believe Shakespeare once said that: “people and places will enter your life without you even notice and will mark your life forever”. Precisely ten years ago a Sunday newspaper’s ad led me to English Camp. It happened during one of my primary school summer vacations, where my dad, tired of seeing me watch TV all day, signed me up for a ten day summer camp at EC. After refuting the idea in the beginning, I was rapidly “persuaded” by my father, and next thing I know I was packing my bags. Honestly, I have to admit that on my way to the departing place I couldn’t wait to see that endeavor over and get back to my cartoons and video game at home. As most of the deep reflections an eleventh year-old kid can have, turns out that I was completely wrong. I became fascinated with the camping site, the instructor, the friends I made, but mostly the cooperative environment between everybody; it was a big family. A family where I had my first contact with teamwork, respect for others, discipline and leadership, not to mention that on top all this I got to improve my English. I ended up going to the departure place at least three more times over junior high. During my high school period at Bandeirantes and my college at ITA (Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronautica), because of time constraints, I took a little break form going to camp, but didn’t take break from the learning I had there, which actually where key to overcome those two competitive environments. I’ve got back in touch with EC after having worked one and half year at Johnson & Johnson headquarters in New Jersey. As I looked for opportunities to keep my English level I decided to add the fun factor and became a tutor or so called leader for English Camp. Becoming a leader after being a camper gave me more than I expected, I learned that being a leader in English Camp is more than organizing gymkhanas and making fun of yourself to entertain young kids, it’s about being a role model to those same kids, it’s about being responsable to what their parents value most, it’s about understanding how transparent and honest a child can be, it’s about teaching them a language through errands, it’s about getting out of your daily routine as a banker, consultant or executive and to enjoy the simple things in life, like the sunset, nature, etc. As a leader at English Camp I could do everything I mentioned and looking back that gave me skills I could have never imagined before; being an engineer major and having worked in strategic management consulting and investment banking, I can garantee without too much room for questioning that that experience gave me room to develop creativity, ability to make public speeches, develop my interpersonal skills, practice management principles, all of this the funniest and most pleasant environment possible. Currently I’m pursuing an MBA at Wharton Business School, where we often times receive visits from CEOs and managing director of multinationals around the world and when it comes to topics as Leadership its incredible and rewarding to see that a lot of what they say I can relate to my time as “EC leader and EC camper”. I’ve had the best time ever at English Camp, whether I was a camper running around the site, helping my teams accomplish the gymkhanas, whether I was a leader trying to make kids in my room to work as a team and help each other, or whether I was coordinating entire camps and had to make sure everything was executed well, while all expectations were being exceeded. I would like to dedicate this memo to English Camp staff that I worked with over the years and luckily I’ve became friends with. Those were definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life.

Rafael Rozenglit Soliaman

Ter sido camper no English Camp, foi uma experiência inesquecível. Além de praticar meu Inglês, fiz amigos e me diverti muito. Como leader, foi maravilhoso voltar ao camp e participar de tudo aquilo intensamente. Agora, como coord, é muito legal poder fazer parte de algo que, com certeza meus campers vão lembrar para sempre.

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